It takes money to make money. That’s why Drake Bank stands ready to empower small businesses with the right kind of loan.

Business Loans

Construction Financing

We help from the ground up, from land acquisition, through construction, to permanent financing. Having one experienced credit source for every phase of your project will save you time and money!

Residential and Commercial Development

We are a very active supplier of financing for new developments and redevelopment projects. We have a vested interest in helping the Twin Cities and our clients benefit from great ideas and good planning.

Working Capital Credit Lines

When the time comes that short-term funding is needed to increase inventory, to cope with seasonal cash flow issues, or to capture unexpected opportunities, we want to be the bank you call.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

We make owning, refinancing, or renovating commercial real estate easier by providing loans that always feature competitive rates and attractive terms.

  Equipment Financing

Businesses need the right tools to operate. That could be conveyer systems, heavy equipment, vehicles, custom software, propane tanks… even grape harvesting devices for wineries. We do it all because we know how!

SBA Loans

We are an SBA Preferred Lender. That means we are among the most active and experienced SBA lenders. As a result we have greater authority to approve loans ourselves… loans that feature lower down payments and longer terms than other options.

     SBA pre-approval application package